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Alex is an amazing artist! BEST kept secret!!! I’ve never felt more comfortable and happy with my results!!!  Professional, private, Clean, approachable environment and top-notch work.


Male Brazilian-Manzilian Wax Expert

#1 Specialized Male Body Waxing Services exclusively designed Men for Men in NYC & MIAMI.  From Head to Toe and Everything in Between.



Gentle Stripless VEGAN WAX hybrid resembles sugaring hair removal but with higher effectiveness.

  • Male Brazilian/Manzilian/Brozilian WAXING, also known as “Boyzilian” “Guyzilian” or “Back, Sac & Crack”

  • Shaft/ taint/pubic/ balls waxing for men

Note: Take 2 Advil pills 20 min before a session, to make it an ease. Ask about numbing cream.

  • Butt Cheeks waxing & Between (Full butt including crack/anal waxing for men)

  • Legs waxing

  • Bikini waxing

Upper Body Waxing


  • Back  WAXING 

  • Shoulders  WAXING

  • Chest WAXING

  • Abs WAXING 

  • Half Arms WAXING 

  • Full Arms  WAXING 

  • Underarm  WAXING

Facial ​Waxing

  • Nose and Ears WAXING

  • Upper Lip WAXING 

  • Eyebrows WAXING 

  • Hairlines/Neck WAXING

Wind Calming therapy during waxing for men at alexspot24 men spa Miami & NYC .JPG

“Wind therapy” is a special kind of solace that, eases discomfort associated with waxing, calms your nervous system & cools off your skin, during and post waxing sessions.


Alexspot24 Men Spa Suite NYC Brazilian M