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Alex is an amazing artist! BEST kept secret!!! I’ve never felt more comfortable and happy with my results!!!  Professional, private, Clean, approachable environment and top-notch work.


Male Brazilian-Manzilian Wax Expert

#1 Specialized Male Body Waxing Services exclusively designed Men for Men in NYC & MIAMI.  From Head to Toe and Everything in Between.



Gentle Stripless VEGAN WAX hybrid resembles sugaring hair removal but with higher effectiveness.

  • Male Brazilian/Manzilian/Brozilian WAXING, also known as “Boyzilian” “Guyzilian” or “Back, Sac & Crack”

  • Shaft/ taint/pubic/ balls waxing for men

Note: Take 2 Advil pills 20 min before a session, to make it an ease. Ask about numbing cream.

  • Butt Cheeks waxing & Between (Full butt including crack/anal waxing for men)

  • Legs waxing

  • Bikini waxing

Upper Body Waxing


  • Back  WAXING 

  • Shoulders  WAXING

  • Chest WAXING

  • Abs WAXING 

  • Half Arms WAXING 

  • Full Arms  WAXING 

  • Underarm  WAXING

Facial ​Waxing

  • Nose and Ears WAXING

  • Upper Lip WAXING 

  • Eyebrows WAXING 

  • Hairlines/Neck WAXING

Wind Calming therapy during waxing for men at alexspot24 men spa Miami & NYC .JPG

“Wind therapy” is a special kind of solace that, eases discomfort associated with waxing, calms your nervous system & cools off your skin, during and post waxing sessions.


Alexspot24 Men Spa Suite NYC Brazilian M




We strongly believe that all male brazilian WAXING hair removal MUST include intensive calming therapy. 


- Healing botanical vitamin cocktail 

- High-frequency (skin tightening/vitamins


- Hydro-Jelly Healing Mask + Iced globes massage

Balls:butt facial banner.jpg

Stripless Wax is now the favourite way to Wax in 2021

Our wax formulation is Vegan-Friendly, no animal bi-products used. 

The secret is a special elastic-textured wax– which cools to the temperature of your body upon application thereby creating a “wax strip” for the esthetician to pull, a special formula loved and used by Chloé Amstutz (celebrity master estheticians.)


  It is gentle enough for sensitive skin and highly effective most flexible creamy formula can be used for full body waxing, especially for intimate Brazilian waxing hir removal.




why our customers keep coming back:

  • We know male skin WELL!

  • Male waxing technician here

  • Only use the highest grade waxes and the safest waxing techniques.

  • Never double-dip and follow strict methods to prevent cross-contamination.

  • I'm a licensed & insured professional.

  • Your privacy is my priority.

  • Free tips and support during the process.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed  

  • Alexspot24 offers all kind of body waxing services.

      More About Me

My Interviews 

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Read Alex's FAQs  interview about specialized men's waxing & male Brazilian wax service, difference & benefits.

alexspot24 men waxing male body grooming

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