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How to Trim a Happy Trail Men’s Grooming Tips

Happy trails Men's Grooming Tips

Many guys are asking me questions about happy trail in my body trimming services.

Should I keep it or should I not? Manscaping is not a brain surgery -- the less hair on your body, the more of your body admirers will appreciate. But this logic can’t be applied to your happy trail.

I would always say:

“No, no, no, no, NO. Do not shave it. It is the hottest thing in the history of man and it would be a crime against sexy to shave it off.”

As guys we are quite familiar with the long thin line of hair that goes from your belly button to your pubic area – the treasure trail. Funny enough, our beloved pleasure trail,  happy trail, snail trail, and my personal favorite - the glory road.

I classified four types of happy trails:

• Horizontal – which goes straight down,

• Sagittal – most common type which looks a little like the horizontal

• Accuminate - that extends upward from the pubic hair in a V-pattern; and

• Disperse – the ‘thick forest’ with hair from coast to coast.

Whichever trail you choose, you got yourself the award of manliness. Remember that your “glory road”:) is a GPS to a land of wonder for your partner. 

Let’s get back to the business of men’s body grooming.

Following tips and steps will help you achieve a great results:

• Work dry, not wet. It is best to groom your body trail after a bath or a shower. At this time, your treasure trail and the skin is softer.

• Use a trimmer and work in short gentle strokes in the direction of the hair growth. You may also consider men’s body waxing for a long lasting result.

• Symmetry is the key. Try to make sure your trail is balanced on both sides NO hard lines. Ensure you make a gentle fade on your trail, not a direct sharp edge.

• Use Aloe-Vera as your after trimming care. Aloe vera or tea tree oil based products are a great choice for soothing your skin.

Remember, whatever style you choose to wear it’s all about personal preference.

Have fun with it and happy trailing;)

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