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Lower Body Workout


AlexSpot24 are amazing artists! BEST kept secret!!! I’ve never felt more comfortable and happy with my results!!!  Professional, private, Clean, approachable environment and top-notch work.


Body Contouring

⚡️How it works:

- Our services consist of Non Invasive Body Contouring that destroys FAT, breaks down CELLULITE, and TIGHTENS SKIN, giving the body a visible better contour faster.

- We pair brazilian sculpt massage technics by hand + EmSculpt + Cavitation machines + BBL vacuum therapy in one package.

- Each Appointments should be done Every 3 or 4 days apart for best results. We create a schedule plan of the appointment together on your first visit.

- It’s takes 3 to 10 sessions (depending on patients needs and goals).

*** treatments work best when combined with a low fat and low carbohydrate diet and regular exercise.

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⚡️ Video Demo