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Manzilian Video Tutorials  

We wax penises, balls & juicy butts. All authentic

raw amateur content, for your education needs


EPISODE 4: KlingerX MALE BUTT & Anal/Crack Waxing


MODEL: KlingerX

We created a short preview on how to wax male butt and crack at Alexspot24.

By Alex Dr. Manzilian at Alexspot24 Men Spa:  Specialized Men Waxing & Male Grooming hair removal service, with a deep concentration in Male Brazilian Manzilian Waxing hair removal service & men for men massage & skin therapy.

We use a combo of hard vegan wax + high-quality soft wax, for the best result.


A Manzilian Brozilian Guyzilian is men’s waxing service is definitely the most gratifying & huge new trend of 2021 (Intimate waxing for men, including butt/crack & penis/balls waxing).  A 2021 study found that body grooming & below the belt waxing & body grooming for men has become the new standard for modern men. Every kind of man is doing it. 95% of asked men report they routinely manscape their bodies.


With the proper vegan stripeless products and well-skilled hands, we make waxing for men as painless as possible. I say it is ouch-less male grooming experience. 


Most men noticed, without the hairy buffer zone, there was suddenly no friction. Literally, none.  That would definitely increase your intimate pleasure between partners. 


 I'm Alex Dr. Manzilian, the licensed male esthetician. Brazilian Male Waxing, Trimming, laser  & skin specialist at Alexspot24 NY & MIAMI - PRIVATE MEN SPA SUITE NY/MIAMI.


Male Brazilian hair removal or a Boyzilian or a Guyzilian waxing or shaving therapy is a definitely new trend in self-care!

On top of that new modern men sign up for butt-facials, along with Hydrafacials, on monthly basis. 


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KlingerX: Male Butt & Crack Waxing hair removal video tutorial at Alexspot24

KlingerX: Male Butt & Crack Waxing hair removal video tutorial at Alexspot24

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