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Manzilian Video Tutorials  

We wax penises, balls & juicy butts. All authentic

raw amateur content, for your education needs


Professional Male Penis & ball shaving & body grooming. 

video tutorial at Alexspot24.

By Alex Dr. Manzilian at Alexspot24

18+, Men Only,  Video Demonstration on how to SAFELY shave and or trim your balls, penis, and pubic area. Educational Only.


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If you want to learn how to shave your male pubes & testicles, Alex is providing a step by step blue pring on hot to shave male penis, balls & pubes safely. It doesnt have to be uncomfortable Discpamer: no minors, and mother eatching this content!


Many viewers asked many questions about how to avoide post shaving irritation or ingrown hairs.

We have a proven process developed and tested by Alexspot24 men spa  has done for over 15 years. (Read more below)

First, the skin of the ball (scrotum) is unlike any other skin on your body is very gentle and stretchy.



a) Pre shaving gel or cream (some pre-shaving oils)

b) Post shaving skin protection. Mix a little bit of antibacterial cream with your regular light lotions. 

Testicle Shaving Steps by AlexSpot24 Private Men Spa


1. Take down some of the length (bulk) of the hair with a facial hair grooming tool. Start with the attachment on.

2. Get in warm shower and let the steam start working. 

We use hydra-jet steamer to soften your skin.


3. Apply pre shaving gel or oils + light shaving cream. This mix will give extra soft protective layer, which provides a nice glide without being clumpy and you can see what you're doing. 


4. Use a sharp razor. We uses a Venus 3. If it's good enough for a vagina, it's good enough for males testicles. It's the best for manscaping. Shave first along hair grown, then side ways.


5.  Wash off the cream, dry your skin & APPLY antibacteial post shaving protection. To avoid any irritation & prevent bumps. We mix your favorite lotion with a litt bit of ointment or neosporin.  

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