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“Attention to details, quick, knowledgeable and efficient. The services provided are amazing from the massages to all natural hair trimming for men. I love the privacy of it.”


Male Brazilian Manzilian Grooming

#1 Professional body trimming & body shaving services designed for men by a man. From head to toe and everything in between.


Male Lower Body Hair Trimming

  • Male Brazilian/Manzilian/Brozilian also known as  “Boyzilian” “Guyzilian” or “Back, Sac & Crack”  trimming, shaving or shaping - slightly reduced in length.

  • Shaft/ taint/pubic/ balls trimming or shaving

  • Full Butt Treamming Shaving & Between (Full butt including crack/anal trimming or shaving)

  • Legs trimming/slightly reduced in length natural body trimming or shave)

  • Bikini trimming or shaving

Male Upper Body Trimming


  • Back trimming or shaving

  • Shoulders trimming or shaving

  • Chest trimming, slightly reduced in length or shaving

  • Abs trimming, slightly reduced in length or shaving

  • Half Arms trimming, slightly reduced in length or shaving

  • Full Arms trimming, slightly reduced in length or shaving 

  • Underarm  trimming or shaving

  • Hairlines/Face/Neck trimming or shaving

Alexspot24 Men Spa Suite NYC Brazilian M


Want to simply clean up and trim the men hair but not remove it altogether? Each area can be expertly trimmed with precision for a sculpted and uniformed look. 


So natural looking that ONLY YOU will know. ​

Each of body trimming/manscaping methods have unique benefits for male and are chosen according to your preferences and needs. You can consult which manscaping services in NYC best suit you. gay massage m4m in nyc


  • Intimate trimming/shaving

  • Balls shaving/trimming

  • Pubic trimming /shaving /shape up

  • Shaft, buttocks, cheeks etc.

It forces perspective — the shorter the pubic hair, the LONGER your PENIS will look.


Manscaping regimen & technics matter!

 Trimming your body and especially pubic/balls successfully is based on good technique, proper steps and the right tools.

1. Skin Cleansing. 

2. Pre Shaving zero irritation gel. 

3. Double Shaving with disposable tools.

4. Post Shave Toning & Hot Towels pampering

5. Antibacterial Skin Protection.

Search for male waxing or male waxing near me to find best waxing for men services


We strongly believe that all male Brazilian Manzilian body trimming hair removal SHALL include calming aftercare therapy. 


- Healing botanical vitamin cocktail 

- High-frequency (skin tightening/vitamins


- Hydro-Jelly Mask + iced globes massage

- LED therapy  10/25min:  $35/$45

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Video Work:

Body Trimming Manscaping Grooming

Body Trimming Manscaping Grooming

Body Trimming Manscaping Grooming
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Alexspot24 Manscaping/Trimming/Shaving services for men
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Alexspot24 Body grooming Pennis Trimming balls shaving for john zumba
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Pennis shaving & Scrotum Rejuvenation
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Post male brazilian waxing Balls Bikini facial
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Naked Truth 

Alexspot24 NYC Male brazilian Waxing hair removal & Body Trimming Specialist
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why our customers keep coming back:

  • Only use the highest grade products and the safest body trimming techniques.

  • All grooming products designed for men and FDA approved. 

  • Disposable shaving tools and trimmers sterilization after each client. I follow strict methods to prevent cross-contamination.

  • I'm a licensed and insured professional.

  • Use of post trimming and shaving antibacterial creams to protect your male skin after body shaving or body trimming.

  • Your privacy is my priority.

  • Alexspot24 offers any combo of body waxing trimming or shaving services

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Try Specialized Men's Waxing Hair Removal Service in NYC 

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