#1 Professional Body Trimming, Body Grooming & Men's Waxing services designed for men by a man. From head to toe and everything in between.

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Read our interview for AskMen magazine about specialized men's waxing & male Brazilian wax services, difference & benefits


Male Waxing Hair Removal 

I offer all kind of men's waxing body services in clean & private settings.

My top offers are Manzilian waxing for men (balls, shaft, pubes, bikini) commonly referred to as a “boyzilian” “Guyzilian”and crack or anal - inner butt waxing.

In recent years the interest in brazilian waxing for men has increased dramatically! That is why I'm here ! :)

+1-419-455-6545  (New York City, Manhattan)

 Manscaping Services NYC 

Want to simply clean up and trim the hair but not remove it all together? Each area can be expertly trimmed with precision for a sculpted and uniformed look. So natural looking that only you will know. ​

Top service is Brazilian intimate trimming/shaving of your balls, shaft, pubic, buttocks etc.
It forces perspective — the shorter the pubic hair, the LONGER your PENIS will look.

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