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Male Butt Facial 7 anal bleaching at Alexspot24 men spa Miami & NYC

Male Butt Facial 7 anal bleaching at Alexspot24 men spa Miami & NYC

SUBSCRIBE - FOLLOW social media & my official site, where I upload weekly/daily content. So, You’re ‘prone’ to ingrown hairs after Brazilian waxing hair removal? Advanced booty facial & intimate care may be the right service for you. Best to perform 1.5-2 weeks after waxing for men. Ingrowns are caused by a lack of non-comedogenic hydration, exfoliation or clogged pores, which could be easily fixed!⁠ More details and steps on our official website: Instagram: Customized Intimate Care: Glutes- Bikini- Back Facials- Blend of Botanical & Pharmaceutical Care! EVERYTHING INCLUDED + NO GIMMICKS + EXCELENT SERVICE. BUTT-FACIAL with HYDRA-DERMABRASION & OXIGEN SERUM INFUSION: cream “All the way”- Advanced package: 1. Intimate Grooming + Wet shaving (additional fee) 2. Double Steaming exfoliation 3. HydroGlow polishing & Ingrown fluid extraction 4. Hot towels Pampering 5. HydraJelly Mask + Oxygen serum deep Infusion 7. LED Light therapy. 6. Butt lift massage with Collagen serums. Benefits: brightens & tightens the skin, removes trapped orders, increases blood circulation, fights discoloration, prevents ingrown hairs. Alexspot24 Men spa Brickell. lGBTQ gay friendly business: For gay men, spa therapy can be an especially effective form of relaxation therapy. Our therapists are trained to understand the unique needs, and offer a safe and supportive environment for gay men. Many gay men face discrimination and prejudice in their daily lives, which can lead to feelings of stress and anxiety. We provide a safe and supportive environment where gay men can let go of their worries and enjoy the benefits of relaxation therapy without fear of judgment or discrimination.
Male Brazilian Waxing Hair Removal Pt2: Penis & balls waxing for men tutorial by AlexSpot24 Men Spa

Male Brazilian Waxing Hair Removal Pt2: Penis & balls waxing for men tutorial by AlexSpot24 Men Spa

##WARNING - THIS VIDEO CONTAINS NUDITY!!## Please like this video and comment if you would like me to continue creating this kind of tutorial. What's A Manzilian Brozilian Guyzilian? And Why Should Every man Try in 2020. (by Dr.Alex Manzilian Licensed esthetician, Brazilian Male Waxing, Trimming, laser Hair removal Expert at Alexspot24 NY - PRIVATE MEN SPA SUITE NYC) My Website: Instagram: Male Brazilian hair removal or a Boyzilian or a Guyzilian is not exactly what you might think it is, but it is a process that all men should try out, at least once to see how great the results can be. Have you ever been thinking about your next date or worried that the hair “down there” is getting to be too thick or what your date might think of it when you took your pants off? If your answer is “yes,” then you might want to consider trying out a Manzilian - Male Brazilian waxing or intimate body trimming session by Dr. Alex Manzilian at Alexspot24 NYC. A Manzilian body grooming is the BEST FOR BELOW THE BELT. This includes the balls, shaft waxing or shaving , the butt+ anal inner-butt waxing or shaving/trimming. What is the difference between TRIMMING OR WAXING hair removal methods FOR MEN? Waxed results can last 4 to 6 weeks depending on the individual's hair re-growth rate. Remember, with the right after waxing products you can help your skin stay smoother and hair-free for much longer. If you choose an Intimate Waxing hair removal method: I use only Stripless Wax is now the favorite way to Wax in 2020. Our wax formulation is vegan-friendly, no animal bi-products are used. The secret is a special elastic-textured wax– which cools to the temperature of your body upon application thereby creating a “wax strip” for the esthetician to pull, a special formula loved and used by Chloé Amstutz (celebrity master estheticians.) It is gentle enough for sensitive skin and highly effective most flexible creamy formula can be used for full body waxing, especially for intimate Brazilian waxing hir removal. ​ -- Post-Waxing Care: 1. Immediately after your wax: It’s normal immediately after your wax for a little bit of redness to appear. This should disappear after a few hours and is normally due to a histamine reaction. it’s important that you keep the area bacteria-free and clean. Waxing removes the hair at the root. This means: – Use ointment cream or a tea tree oil-based product to apply to the area for it’s anti-bacterial qualities. – No sunbathing for at least 12 hours – No swimming in a chlorinated pool for 24 hours – Same for spa baths or saunas – Avoid applying topical lotions for at least 12 hours (fragrances and other lubricants can cause a burning sensation) 3-10 Days after waxing: As your skin closes over the follicles, the next consideration is to ensure you prevent ingrown hairs. This is when new hair can get trapped under the skin. A few simple measures can easily avoid this situation. Here’s my “do’s”: – Use a soft brush or exfoliating scrubs to gently buff the area every 2-3 days – this is particularly important after about day 3 through to about the 10 day mark. It doesn’t need to be hard scrubbing, just a gentle exfoliation. – Use a glycolic acid cleanser to roll over the area after showering. This product contains acid which helps ensure dead skin cells are buffed away allowing your hair back through the follicle opening. The added bonus of following the aftercare advice, is that it really will make your next wax quicker and less painful. (apart from your skin looking hair-free and smooth for longer) Hope you enjoy your new look! Best, Alex Professional Male Body Grooming, Body Trimming, Male waxing hair removal in NYC #menspany #waxingnyc #wax #gaynyc #gaynewyork #hairremovalnyc #malewaxingnyc #bodywaxing #malebrazilianwax #organichairremoval #hardwax #spanyc #sugarwax #waxnewyork #waxingsalon #bodyconfidence #menspany #buttwax #buttwaxing
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