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A Beginners Guide To Body Grooming For Men

The removal of body hair for men is becoming more acceptable in the society by the day and ‘male waxing’ or when said in a more masculine tone, ‘manscaping' has grown tremendously popular in recent years. The reason behind this is not farfetched, and it is simply because body grooming brings out the sexiness in every man and really, who does not like to be that sexy dude every lady is staring at on a hot summer afternoon in the beach? Definitely not you right? In this article, we will discuss the basics of manscaping to help you start off on the right footing in the pursuit to groom your body and leave it as sexy as possible plus other health benefits that are attached.

What Does Body Grooming Entail For Men

In simple terms, manscaping as a noun was derived from the term ‘landscaping’ and it means the shaving off of unwanted hair from a man's body. Well, it really isn’t about removing all of the hair from your body, it is more about shaving it to or maintaining it's growth at a considerable level such that it leaves your body looking clean and also improves your hygiene while working wonders on your self-confidence.

How To Prepare Your Body For Grooming

Manscaping or waxing your body isn’t a difficult thing to do, and the preparation for it is not in any way a complicated one. All you need do is to take a shower to clean and exfoliate your skin, especially the areas where you wish to wax. Do not apply any oil or moisturizer to your skin before waxing as dry skin is more likely to produce a better waxing experience and result. When you have showered and dried your skin, then you are ready to wax. It is also advisable to give your skin a three weeks break from shaving before waxing it as the hair needs to be at least 5mm long for a more effective wax.

Grooming The Chest

Not everyone removes their chest hair but a few do, and even if you do not want to, it is still advisable to trim it every now and then. While doing this, you should try to avoid the nipple and the area around it as a mistake there would be an experience you do not wish to have.

Grooming The Armpit Hair

Well, to be honest, the sight of an armpit clustered with hair is not a strong look. It is unhygienic too, so, trim your armpit hair also, at least to a level where it is shorter and does not protrude from your underarms. This will guarantee you a more masculine and neat look.

Grooming The Groin Area And The Buttocks

Now, this is a more delicate region and requires extra care. It is advised that you should avoid using a beard trimmer or blades in this region to avoid cuts as this body region is known to be a trap for bacteria and a loose skin cut there might be catastrophic. Trimming your hairs at this region to about 1 or 2 mm is the best as it leaves you feeling fresh and cool while helping you to avoid the irritation or itching that comes with razor cuts.

There you have it guys! A beginners guide to help you get your body hair all trimmed up and looking sexy while maintaining very healthy hygiene. So, there is no excuse for not caring for your body hair anymore.

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