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Want the Perfect pink anus? Pro Tips

“Get the Perfect pink anus -Sexy Anal Bleaching Lightening.”

Suffering from embarrassing dark or discolored intimate areas? Want lighter skin around your D and inner buttocks? If you constantly worry about the darker color of your penis, testicles, and

buttocks, and you want lighter skin around that areas, you may be happy to know there is intimate skin bleaching technics and services for that. We can help!

Anal intimate skin bleaching is a beauty trend in which both men and women lighten the skin around their anus, balls, pines to create a lighter and more even skin tone. If your anus gets too dark, we could bring back that pinkish color:)

Yes, anal bleaching was something that only Popstars & Porn stars were doing. No longer the domain of the Kim Kardashians of the world, bleaching your butthole is now for us normal people, too. Now has become part of mainstream culture. And along with it, the treatment to lighten that dark circle of skin around your anus.

At I have a gender-neutral clientele. Everyone does it. Men, Models, Athletes, Guys with tattoos, gay men, str8 men...You name it. The skin bleaching effect is a result of a fruit acid peels combo. This chemical-free skin lightening treatment offers a solution with No Pain and No Downtime. Just a minor tingle around your Bum.

The speed of the visual result is contingent on your melanin depth which you've inherited. Everyone lightens up at different speeds.

But most people will receive permanent or very long lasting results in just one or few applications.

Perfect For:

- Intimate area: around balls, cheeks and between

- Underarms

- Nipples

- Knees &Elbows

- All skin types

- All natural

- No Hydroquinone, no Kojic Acid, Mercury or Steroids.

- Dermatologist Tested. Trusted by Professionals.

How Long Will I be in There?

No need to cancel your evening plans. The treatment takes about 3 minutes. During your next lunch break, you'll have plenty of time to hit up my specialized male studio The process is essentially just one step, the application of the fruit acid peel. Then, leave the peel on for at least two hours while your skin absorbs the acid.

You can go about your day normally during that time. Or, you know, as normally as you can while knowing you're wearing a butthole peel.


It depends on the darkness of your butthole. For some men, it may take one to three treatments. It all depends on how light you want to go.

If you still have more questions about how to lighten your private area, please feel free to contact me for a consultation at

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