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Guide for Getting a Male to Male Massage

Updated: May 13, 2023

The do’s and don’ts of getting a male to male massage M4M

So, you’ve decided to contact your masseur therapist but are not exactly sure how to proceed. Or maybe you’ve had a few experiences with male to male massage therapy already, but the experience was not quite what you hoped for. This article is intended as a guide to help you choose the best possible guy for the job using our site.

Remember, clear communication is key to success in your endeavor. Every male masseur in NYC has his own way of conducting business, but the trends are very common. There are many tips for you based on reviews from our masseurs over the years. These are only intended as a guide and general rules, so feel free to improvise. gay male massage new york

Do your homework.

Take some time to study carefully the profile of the masseur of your liking in its entirety and what kind of techniques you like. sensual massage m4m


It can be very intimidating to approach after you have found a professional online. Many clients claim to be very nervous and uncertain about what to expect from the session. Information in the man to man massage therapist of your choice’s profile will typically reveal his level of professionalism by the amount and type of details provided for his potential clients. Is he talking about his rates in detail, services he provides and don’t, location, parking in the area, amenities (shower can important to you), privacy (roommates, doorman, private entrance, etc.), hours when he is typically available, other preferences, perhaps even requests for his clients - all this is valuable to you, his potential client.

Ask questions.

After you have studied everything to figure out exactly what you want or what you’re curious about, isolate unanswered questions. Text, call or email the guy. Based on our research, text messages are often answered first. If you require more details and would like to get a better feel of his personality, give him a call or schedule or phone call. If you say, “I am calling to confirm" instead of “I am calling to inquire” about what is already clearly written on his profile, we guarantee you will get extra points right off the bat before you even met him in person. Your favorite masseur generally will gladly prioritize your appointment if he senses that you cared enough about your massage to prepare for your visit. m4m gay massage

Have an open mind.

Every masseur has his own style. Relax and give in to his technique. If your massage therapist is skilled and committed, magic will happen and you will feel like a new man. Caressing human touch in the right setting is known to do wonders, mentally and physically. The best man to man massage is one that happens organically.

Bring a good attitude.

Believe it or not: some masseurs can be just as nervous as you are. Enter your gay massage with a smile and a warm “Hello!” when you arrive. Strike a friendly conversation to break the ice and establish a bond. You are there to make a friend and share in a good experience. Remember, however, masseurs are not psychiatrists. They are not there to read your mind and help you with deeply-rooted emotional issues. This is more a tactile emotional experience rather than social. (At least not on your first visit.) Your masseur simply might not have enough life experience to deal with this kind of drama. Let him give you his best intuitive massage to help you drift off to another realm for a bit.

Be optimistic.

If you are happy with the service, it is a good idea to leave a tip. It will help solidify your bond and guarantee priority treatment in the future. After all, establishing long-term relationships with your masseur is the ideal.

Combine with BUTT FACIALS

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Have a relaxing time!


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