How to Prevent Ingrown Hair after Male Body Waxing or Trimming Services

The advice I always give to my clients is to exfoliate and moisturise, I cannot emphasise enough the importance of regular skin maintenance for any hair removal.

But why?

Generally, your skin will shed fully every 30 days, your skin cells are constantly regenerating but that process can get out of balance and you can have an excess build-up of dead skin cells. This makes your skin dry, lacklustre and rough - it prevents hair from growing out and causes pimples, bumps and ingrowns, it can also cause waxing to be more painful than it needs to be!

You need to give your skin a helping hand now and again... you should be moisturising every day and be exfoliating at least once a week, don’t overdo the exfoliation as you do need some build up as a protective layer, removing too much will exacerbate the over production and can damage your skin.

You will see and feel the results of regular skin maintenance straight away. The day before any waxing treatment you should exfoliate, this will remove the dead skin cells allowing the hair to be removed with no restriction from those dead skin cells. There will be less redness, irritation and sting!


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