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How to Shave your Balls Safely

The most ideal location to shave your genitals when you are using a manual razor is in the tub for the following reasons:

The tub provides trusted surfaces where you can support your body, rest your back, and lay your hands to keep you strong in case of slippage.

The tub provides you easy access to warm water, so that you can get the hair and skin softened before you begin.

You also have access to clean water, where you can easily rinse off your razor and continue.

The location makes it easier for you to access your favorite shower gel and apply as moisturizer after shaving.

Clean up is easier and quicker, since it simply requires draining the tub.

In cases where you may prefer to use an electronic body groomer, then your bed should serve the best location. Your bathroom floor will serve well too, with your towel spread under you. Some of the popular groomers used for male grooming are wet groomers and as such are better used in the shower, although they will begin to malfunction when completely submerged in water.

How To Properly Shave Your Penis & Scrotum

Step-by-Step Approach That Helps:

Step 1 - Get Your Razor Blade Sterilized

The importance of sterilizing your razor blade and other objects that will come in contact with your skin as you shave cannot be overemphasized, especially for making them free from harmful bacteria and other debris. We recommend that your razor be washed under a strong stream of water to knock the debris off balance. Next, use alcohol to disinfect the groomer or razor blade you want to use by either completely soaking the razor in an alcohol solution or wiping the blades of your groomer with a cotton ball dabbed with a little alcohol.

Step 2 Trim First

This step is particularly important for long pubs. You can trim down the hair to a size that will be more easily cut by a razor. You don't have to do this if your pubes are not so long.

Step 3. Apply Pre-Shave Oil

Just like the step before, this is also optional, but highly recommended to further improve the functionality of the razor blade.

Step 4. Apply Shaving Cream

Most modern shaving creams are prepared to help prevent itchy skin. Apply richly around your genitals before shave, then rinse off from your hands.

Step 5. Start Shaving

Once you are done with all the above mentioned steps, then it's time to begin shaving properly. Hold the tip of the penis firmly and give it a light pull or simply stimulate it to erection to get the skin taut pulled - this should simplify the whole process of shaving for you.

Glide your body groomer or razor gently along your shaft. You don't necessarily need to press hard, since your body groomer or razor will work efficiently without much pressure. Use the same technique for all other areas around the penis.

For the area around the scrotum, gently pull the scrotal sac and shave in any direction that gives you comfort. Shaving the scrotum may seem quite difficult at times, because of the effort that the skin is constantly pulling to adjust to temperature. This is why we earlier recommended that you shave in a hot bath.

Occasionally rinse the blade to get hanging hair out of the blade.

Step 6. Apply Antiseptic

This step is as important as the shaving itself. It helps to kill off bacteria and keep the skin from razor bumps, irritation, or ingrown hairs.

After a generous application, allow the antiseptic to dry before wearing your clothes.

Ingrown hair Manscaping waxing for men
How to prevent ingrown hair

Step 7. Apply Body Powder

Next, after the antiseptic is dried off, you may want to apply body powder. This step also helps keep your skin from itching and clamming.

There you have it gents, you can keep a clean balls without stress.

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