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I Waxed My Balls. Real Talk about Male Brazilian Waxing in 2020

I hate grooming my pubic hair. Wait, no. Come back, guys. :) I do trimming my body, but it’s always a fraught process that includes clippers and razors and a fear of cutting myself. Plus, there are all the questions. How cleared out should it be? If you have a lot of leg hair, where is the line where you should stop shaving? How about a male happy trail—is that something to be kept or gotten rid of? We have manscsaping grooming experts ( for these sorts of decisions .

This time I got tired of shaving and decided to wax my Balls and wax my anal butt

But then I met my pubic ecutioner, Alex. He had me in the full Winnie the Pooh (shirt on, naked below the waist), up on the table, and at relative ease within moments. I mean, I wasn’t, like, "ready to take a nap" comfortable. There were big pots (vats? cauldrons?) of warm wax. But regardless, Alex is a pro. He instantly made me feel we were old friends. Old friends who occasionally engage in an old-fashioned dick-looking-at contest, but old friends nonetheless. ( love this phrase)

He started by asking me what I was looking for. I had signed up for the men’s Brazilian waxing service, but I didn’t think I wanted hardwood floors:). I have a decent amount of leg hair and some hair on my chest, so I didn’t want my body to be covered in hair except for a LAND THAT PUBERTY FORGOT-like zone.

He suggested to trim with fade up the top but wax balsl taint & ass highway. He is definitely knew what he was suggesting and so he grabbed my dick and a pair of trimmers and began trimming process. By the way, in the moment I was surprisingly comfortable.

Alex said that most of his male clients (and most of his clients are men) have three concerns coming in for the first time.

1. Will it hurt? (Check)

2. Will they get aroused? (Semi-check.)

3. Penis size. (Nah, whatever- Session forces the perspective — the shorter the hair, the LONGER your PENIS will look.;)

But shockingly, once you get past the wax being removed from your balls, it actually gets easier. Balls and butt and everything in between was surprisingly comfortable and truthfully the whole thing was over quickly. I was a human weather vane for no more than thirty minutes.

Once I was done, something crazy happened. As I walked around, I realized how comfortable I felt. It’s not like I had pounds of hair down there before. I wasn’t smuggling a pair of Gremlins or anything. I kept things pretty trimmed up, but still this was better. Lighter. It was almost airy. I realized that in four to six weeks when the time came, I would be going back to that little house and disrobing once more. I was a convert.

I’m not saying having your balls wax is the greatest thing on the planet, But I am saying that if you find yourself in New York CIty, you should look up the brilliantly named Alex at alexspot24 NYC and let him do his thing to your thing.

Look like a #pornstars look confident. Best Manzilian shaving or waxing for men, also known as a “Boyzilian” “Guyzilian” or “Back, Sac & Crack” #pornstarlife with #bootyass waxing- shaving - bleaching at Private Men spa suite in NYC

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