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Reasons for Male Body Grooming, Shaving, Manscaping -AlexSpot24 - Male Body Grooming service NYC

Look better Naked:) Manscaping, male body grooming services is the new hot trend. From athletes to our average Joe, there are many reasons men everywhere are getting bikini and Brazilian waxes. Men's body hair is great. It's a matter of preference. But keep it trimmed, waxed, or shaved at all times.

Going Pro

Many men are putting themselves in the hands of a professional these days, say salon owners. It is very easy to find professional manscaping services in NYC. Just search for male body grooming near me or visit Below some very popular services that Alex provides.

"Hairy" Trim / Shave /Wax down there:)

Male body grooming / trimming or body shave designed to have hairless look or reduced in length groomed look. (Manscaping for balls, shaft, pubic, buttocks, butts, anus, pubic etc)

it forces perspective — the shorter the pubic hair, the LONGER your PENIS will look.

The Back Waxing

All the male experts groomers ( gay friends and lady friends) we consulted agree: Too much hair is never sexy. It’s time to book an appointment. "The back is the most common service for me and easiest area to wax or groom/shave or trim.

Waxing is not recommended for: Retin-A users, Accutane users, if you recently had laser treatment, if you are sunburned. Post Treatment Care: I highly recommend use of antibiotic ointment for the first 24 hours after hair removal. man for men massage, m4m trimming, men's grooming, waxing for men by man -From Alex with love.


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