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Why use a Wax Specially Designed for Men

Why use a wax product specially designed for men:

There are times when you need to go to a specialized waxing studios to get a manscaping or waxing job done in the right way. It is extremely important to use a waxing reliable product specially designed for MEN.

At Alexspot24 we use a natural strip-less wax product designed specifically for guys. Special components, added to increase the adherence of wax, will guarantee clean and fast waxing of coarse, thick men hairs.

Wax Pour Homme easily pulls out 100% of unwanted hairs at the treated area with a single application without risk of skin damage. It works perfectly on any body areas including chest, back, armpits, Brazilian etc. An added "men perfume" aroma and "liquid steel" color makes it a complete package and my professional choice for waxing sessions

The effectiveness of the product makes it a good choice for face waxing in men's salons and shops as well as for beard shaping and cleaning the face.

Here are some other advantages of our waxing product for men:

• It is an ideal hair remover for all areas of the body.

• Completely clears out hairs without a need for repeated application

• Works for men with all skin types including sensitive skinIt has a longer cooling time, which provides longer thermal exposure, relaxes hair follicles and makes waxing less painful.

• Because of its extra elasticity, the film wax won't break during hair removal.

• When removed, the wax does not leave any broken hairs.

• Significantly reduces the time required for depilation procedure.

So there you have it, a product specially designed for your men's boy waxing needs.

You welcome to visit me for your manzilian - brozilian -boyzilian ;)

And remember, everybody loves smooth intimate areas ;)

Best, Alex


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