VIDEO: Manzilian Trimming & Balls Shaving

According to a study by JAMA Dermatology, around 80 % of men have tried male grooming ‘down there’ . So if you still think trimming your pubes is prissy, well, you’re on your way to being on your own.:)

I'm Alex Doctor Manzilian & male aesthetician at Alexspot24 - Private Men Spa Suite NYC

Brazilian Male Waxing & Trimming Hair removal services & More. THE BEST FOR


Manscaping Benefits:

a) more physically attractive, b) less smelly, is in any way emasculating, c) feel more pleasant for you and your partner.


Upsize in less than 30 min -Manzilian Brozilian

— Session forces the perspective — the shorter the hair, the LONGER your PENIS will look.;)

— Increases sexual sensitivity during the sex.

WATCH this video example below to learn how to shave balls and your manzilian / boyzilian.

Intimate Manzilian at ALEXSPOT24 NYC

(balls and booty trim/shave ritual)

Experience the real Manzilian art of shaving - trimming along with Signature Pampering ritual: glide zero irritation gel+ skin toning + hot towels + 'erase ingrown hair' therapy + anti-inflammatory protection.

Upsize in less than 30 min

• Manzilian session forces the perspective the shorter the hair, the LONGER your PENIS will look.;) (Balls, shaft, pubic, crouch, inner buttock, butt)

• Enhance intimate sensitivity during the sex.

• Stay cleaner & fresher. ** We use professional clean PRO trimmers & DISPOSABLE razors + toning + hot towels & anti-inflammatory skin protectors.

Try your on Manzilian at -

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