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Male Body Grooming & Trimming Guide for Better Dating Life 2023 by

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Did you know, Manscaping = Male body grooming, body trimming with NATURAL FADE by Alex Manzilian at AlexSpot24 your Private Personal Men Spa.

Grooming is self-care for men too
💇‍♂️ Let AlexSpot24 Private Men Spa be your guide with our Male Body Grooming & Trimming Guide!

Want to simply clean up / trim the hair but not remove it all together? Sure, Each area could be expertly groomed by a male esthetician in Miami, with precision for a sculpted and uniformed male grooming look. So natural looking that ONLY YOU will know.

Each of male body trimming/manscaping methods have unique benefits for male and are chosen according to your preferences and needs. You can consult a professional male esthetician which manscaping service is best.

Do we trim or shave men's intimate parts? Yes sure.

( See for male brazilian manzilian video examples by AlexSpot24 Men Spa) And it’s totally normal to get it trimmed shaved or even waxed! Intimate Manzilian manscaping with NATURAL FADE TRIMMING.

Male body trimming regimen & technics matter! Trimming your body successfully is based on good technique, proper steps and the right tools.

1. Skin Cleansing.

2. Pre Shaving zero irritation gel.

3. Double Shaving with disposable tools.

4. Post Shave Toning & Hot Towels pampering

5. Antibacterial Skin Protection.


Each session ends with hot towels + hydro-jet steam cleansing, anti-inflammatory creams application to protect & hydrate your skin. From head to toes and anything in between.

** I use professional clean trimmers/clippers and DISPOSABLE razors.

It’s cleansing. Steam opens up your pores and helps loosen any buildup of dirt for a deeper cleanse.

Steam deodorizes & sanitizes with heat and moisture, opening doors for vitamin creams.

It promotes circulation. This boost of blood flow nourishes your skin & delivers oxygen. The result is a natural, healthy glow.

It helps your skin better absorb skincare products.

Releases trapped sebum + Promotes collagen & elastin + Soothing


• We will be using medical gloves, a face mask.

• We sterilize after every service using medical-grade disinfection & sterilization, labeled as bactericidal, virucidal, and fungicidal.


The most adventurous guys, who like to spice it up, could choose a Men only Penis & Booty Trim with Anal Male Waxing.

Gentlemen, are you ready for better dating life in 2023?
Men's Waxing and Body Grooming

Alexspot24 Men Spa in NYC Manhattan & NOW in Miami - #1 Professional ONE on ONE body trimming & male grooming & shaving & quality massage designed for men by men. From head to toe and everything in between.

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