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What's A Manzilian Brozilian Guyzilian? And Why Should Every Men Try in 2020

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

A Manzilian or a Boyzilian or a Guyzilian is not exactly what you might think it is, but it is a process that all men should try out, at least once to see how great the results can be. Have you ever been thinking about your next date or worried that the hair “down there” is getting to be too thick or what your date might think of it when you took your pants off?

If your answer is “yes,” then you might want to consider trying out a Manzilian - Male brazilian waxing or intimate body trimming session by Dr. Alex Manzilian. A Manzilian body grooming is the BEST FOR BELOW THE BELT. This includes the balls shaving or waxing, the butt shaving or waxing and anal inner-butt shaving or waxing.

A Manzilian is easy once you can get past the fact that another man might be holding on to your penis and can end up being one of the greatest male grooming sessions that you have ever had, leaving you clean and feeling nice, and confident whenever you remove your pants during a hot date night in. ;)

But what about meeting your Male brazilian waxer for the first time?

How do you get past the weirdness of a stranger holding on to your dick and checking out your man hair?

The truth is, this is easier once you go for the first time. If you have an expert, you will see that they do not worry about what is going on below your belt and they are very professional and gentle when they trim shave your body, apply the wax and fix your “down there” man mane.

When getting a Brazilian hair removal or body trimming shaving , you might have some questions or concerns such as if it will be painful or if you will get aroused during the process. The truth is, professionals would ignore the fact that you might get aroused during this process, helping you to be comfortable along the way. This is a natural thing and there is no need to be embarrassed if this happens!

If you choose waxing hair removal for men, it could get a bit sensitive, but it is well worth the smoothness. Once the wax is off of your balls, things get easier from there. The great thing is that it is over quick, and you do not have to worry about stubbles down there for up to 4 weeks.

Here is some great looks and our work examples. It could definitely Fuel sensual Desire in your sexual relationships and make you feel and look like a PornStar!


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