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Updated: Aug 8, 2023

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In this video, I use a stripless hard wax from ItalWax brand. Low melting temperature, resembles sugaring hair removal but with higher effectiveness. Stripless Wax is now the favorite way to Wax in 2020. It is gentle enough for sensitive skin and highly effective most flexible creamy formula can be used for full body waxing, especially for intimate Male Brazilian waxing hair removal. As you know, Men hairs are stronger, whereas skin can be very sensitive.

Below are my Post Waxing Care tips:

1. Immediately after your wax:

It’s normal immediately after your wax for a little bit of redness to appear due to a histamine reaction. This should disappear after a few hours and is normally.

it’s important that you keep the area bacteria free and clean. Waxing removes the hair at the root. This means:

– Next 24-48 hrs, after each shower, use Neosporin | Ointment creams, preferably together with Tea tree oil products (few drops), apply to the area for it’s anti-bacterial/healing qualities,

– No sunbathing for at least 12 hours

– No swimming in a chlorinated pool for 24 hours

– Same for spa baths or saunas

– Avoid applying topical lotions for at least 12 hours (fragrances and other lubricants can cause a burning sensation)

2. 5-10 Days after waxing

As your skin closes over the follicles, the next consideration is to ensure you prevent ingrown hairs. This is when new hair can get trapped under the skin. A few simple measures can easily avoid this situation.

Here’s my “do’s”:

– Use a soft brush or exfoliating scrubs to gently buff the area every 2-3 days – this is particularly important after about day 3 through to about the 10-day mark. It doesn’t need to be hard scrubbing, just a gentle exfoliation.

– Use a Glycolic peel cleanser or Stridex wipes with Salicylic Acid, to roll over the area after showering. These products contain elements which help ensure dead skin cells are buffed away allowing your hair back through the follicle opening.

— Be sure to moisturize the area. I recommend basic Argan oil as it won't clog your pores and is quickly absorbed in the skin with no greasy residue.

— I also like to add few drops of Tea tree oil to daily lotions for its anti-bacterial qualities.

The added bonus of following the aftercare advice is that it really will make your next wax quicker and less painful. (apart from your skin looking hair-free and smooth for longer)


- Take 2 Advil pills 20 min before a session. It would make your next waxing session ease ;)

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