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4 Special Spa Treatments For Men You Should Explore at AlexSpot24 NYC

What do erectile dysfunction + bourbon massage & Booty facials have in common? They’re all the focus of specialty spa treatments designed just for guys. And Yes, it's working.

The International Spa Association reports that 47% of spa goers last year were men. If you're one of the other 53% who have been resistent to treat yourself to a MEN spa day, maybe these six unique and kind of cool treatments, designed specifically for men, will change your mind.

Special this month:

1. Signature “Bikini + Booty” facials

(the newest craze in bootie care) with lightening natural fruit acid peels, removing any impurities & blemishes.

2. Men Special "Bourbon" Scrub Massage.

We really designed these treatments so that men can enjoy the spa on their terms.

This treatment gets the blood flowing with the Bourbon Bubbler + brown SUGAR scrub massage that combines a blend of heated essential oils and volcanic stones, on heated treatment table and a glass of single-barrel bourbon (For DRINKING) OH YES!

3. 'Intimate Manzilian (balls and booty trim/shave ritual)

Experience a real Manzilian art of shaving - trimming. We use professional clean PRO trimmers & DISPOSABLE razors along with Signature Pampering ritual: glide zero irritation gel+ skin toning + hot towels + 'erase ingrown hair' therapy + anti-inflammatory protection.

Upsize in less than 30 min • Manzilian session forces the perspective the shorter the hair, the LONGER your PENIS will look.;) (Balls, shaft, pubic, crouch, inner buttock, butt) • Enhance intimate sensitivity during the sex. • Stay cleaner & fresher. ** We use professional clean PRO trimmers & DISPOSABLE razors + toning + hot towels & anti-inflammatory skin protectors.<