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4 Special Spa Treatments For Men You Should Explore at AlexSpot24 NYC

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

What do erectile dysfunction + bourbon massage & Booty facials have in common? They’re all the focus of specialty spa treatments designed just for guys. And Yes, it's working.

The International Spa Association reports that 47% of spa goers last year were men. If you're one of the other 53% who have been resistent to treat yourself to a MEN spa day, maybe these six unique and kind of cool treatments, designed specifically for men, will change your mind.

Special this month:

(the newest craze in bootie care) with lightening natural fruit acid peels, removing any impurities & blemishes.

2. Men Special "Bourbon" Scrub Massage.

We really designed these treatments so that men can enjoy the spa on their terms.

This treatment gets the blood flowing with the Bourbon Bubbler + brown SUGAR scrub massage that combines a blend of heated essential oils and volcanic stones, on heated treatment table and a glass of single-barrel bourbon (For DRINKING) OH YES!

3. 'Intimate Manzilian (balls and booty trim/shave ritual)

Experience a real Manzilian art of shaving - trimming. We use professional clean PRO trimmers & DISPOSABLE razors along with Signature Pampering ritual: glide zero irritation gel+ skin toning + hot towels + 'erase ingrown hair' therapy + anti-inflammatory protection.

Upsize in less than 30 min • Manzilian session forces the perspective the shorter the hair, the LONGER your PENIS will look.;) (Balls, shaft, pubic, crouch, inner buttock, butt) • Enhance intimate sensitivity during the sex. • Stay cleaner & fresher. ** We use professional clean PRO trimmers & DISPOSABLE razors + toning + hot towels & anti-inflammatory skin protectors.

4. Libido Boost male massage

A massage for your erection helping you reach the finish line. The therapist manually massages the abdominal and pelvic structures, to realign the reproductive organs, which improves blood flow to where you need it the most. They'll get you an boner, and what you do with it is up to you.

AlexSpot24 - Private Men Spa Suite NYC. I’m Alex Male Aesthetician. I'm Brazilian Manzilian Waxing Expert for Men + Specialized Manscaping Body Grooming.Professional manscapingwaxing for men & male to male body massage in NYC.

TEXT or CALL: 419-455-6545

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